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Music Production

I enjoy putting my tech skills to use to help around the school for capturing student performances in photo, video, and audio formats.  Apple software makes the process quick to capture, edit and then export for sharing with the school community.  Programs I use are Logic Pro, Garage Band, Final Cut Pro (Pro Certified), Aperture, iMovie and many more. In Ghana and here in Venezuela, I have produced two music albums comprised of both student and teacher performances.  In my classroom I have a mini-recording studio including professional microphones, mixing board and Apple DAW.  Enjoy listening to some of the songs yourself!

Video production

I began getting interested in video when Apple released iMovie and used it to great ends at my first school in Texas in both the science classroom and outside projects.  When I arrived to Ghana there was no one to capture the school plays which led me to getting involved as the school videographer. The practiced continued in Lebanon where I began filming school talent shows, field trips, and music concerts.  Here in Venezuela video duties were already being taken care of, so I next explored the use of screencasts using the program Screen Flow for making instructional videos for my students.  This then led to making “Todd’s Tech Tips” video screencasts for the faculty.  This year we have enjoyed using iMovie on the iPad for data collection in lab and documenting projects.  Students love the ease and speed of iMovie on the iPad and incorporating their videos into other medium such as Glogster.

After taking still shots and video footage of our school play of The Wizard of Oz, I super-imposed the content into scenery of the actual movie and the school set which I then adapted into a character education story for students, bringing out the moral and ethical lessons of the story. 

If I Only Had a Heart -

With a macbook in my backpack, video cam, and microphone I set out to document one of our school’s Habitat for Humanity Builds in Ghana.  Students 6th-12th grade housed with village families, building by day, and drumming and dancing at night.  Lifetime memories...



Soccer Fiesta

Un Judgment

Don't Drink and Drive


Before coming to Venezuela I made sure I invested in a good DSLR camera.  Venezuela is a photographers paradise and especially for a naturalist like myself.  Situated at the edge of the Amazon and being a major fly through for migratory birds, our campus throughout the year has surprise visitors. Mornings here in Valencia have us awakening to the sound of parrot couples patrolling the city along with a symphony of other birds prancing through the Royal Palm canopies.  Below you will find links to some of my photo albums and other assorted pictures.  The hobby lends itself well to documenting life on campus and for the school yearbook.

Myself and some fellow teachers took a 3 day trip by boat into the Amazon where we stayed with the indigenous Piroa people.  The Amazon bites, stings, and itches at every chance it gets but the beauty and wonders are magical.  We were treated to hikes to learn about medicinal and edible plants and swims in the river (with piranha!) 

Without reliable local teams to compete with on a regular basis, the international schools in Venezuela hold “VANAS” tournaments as the culminating event for each sport.  Some of the greatest school spirit moments are best captured with a camera instead of video.

A fellow teacher on a budget asked me if I could step in do the photos for her wedding.  It was good in getting me to learn more about my camera but I soon learned I was into a very difficult task that only crash learning with some online sources and lots a praying got me through.  The couple were so full of love glow they made the shoot a success.

School dramas are a special time for everyone in the school community. Having quality photos provides everyone with treasures for years to come.

Hato Piniero was the largest privately owned nature preserve in the western hemisphere at 150,000 hectare until just recently when it was confiscated by Chavez.  Myself and another science teacher took the 10th graders on this annual trip for 3 days of safari and planned science lessons. As you will see the wildlife is abundant and a joy to behold.

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